Burda, the middle child in the Surprise family.
Photo Credit: Ewa Krzyszczyk

Burda is Surprise’s second born son and was born in 2003. He has a large family including a big sister, Shock, an older brother Sparky, and a younger brother Shiver and a little sister Sonic. Burda has several young male friends he spends a lot of time with, including India, Lips, Mighty and even his brother Shiver. His mother, Surprise, takes fish handouts at Monkey Mia, but males are not encouraged to hang around the beach, so Burda was never fed by humans.

Burda swimming at the front of our bow.
Photo Credit: Margaret A. Stanton
Burda bowriding

There are several reasons for this. First, males are more aggressive than females and male dolphins sometimes hurt people as well. Also, mothers and daughters often associate after weaning, but sons do not. Daughters also tend to adopt the hunting traditions of their mothers and the provisioning at Monkey Mia is one such tradition. Burda does visit the beach on occasion however!
Surprise Lineage