Oliver Manlik

Oliver on boat

Conjoint Associate Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Australia
Email: o.manlik@unsw.edu.au

My broad research interest is in evolutionary ecology, behavior and ecological genetics. I am fascinated by the interplay between genetics, population dynamics and fitness in animals. My research on the Shark Bay bottlenose dolphins is on population viability and genetics with the aim to guide wildlife management. A major part of the project is to identify immune gene variants of the ‘major histocompatibility complex’ (MHC) that may be important for reproductive success and survival of the dolphins. Essentially my research is a search for gene variants that matter for conservation of dolphins and potentially other vertebrate populations (http://www.bees.unsw.edu.au/oliver-manlik). Besides research, I enjoy teaching. I have been teaching various biology classes at university level and I have previously taught science at a private high school in Japan. I am also a co-founder and past president of the Sydney Society of Conservation Biology, a local chapter of the Society of Conservation Biology (SCB).

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